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Door Stop, Perfect Home Decor Gift, Fabric Door Stopper, Filled Doorstop
Triangular Prism (10x6x5”)

Lovely Fabric door stop in a heavy Cotton fabric design


Half Price Postage For Unfilled option,

Arrives filled and ready to use for convenience, or choose to fill it yourself by ordering the unfilled option. The filled door stop has an approximatly 1.5kg of filling consisting of a little wadding, fabric off cuts and a bag of sand to make the weight. Size approximately 10” x 6” x 5”


For added convenience the large door stop has a zip across the bag so that it can be emptied and washed when required.


Beautiful fabric door stop perfect to hold open doors has a handle to make it easy to move around, it also has a zip insert so you can remove stuffing and bag containing sand so you will be able to wash at 30 degrees. Door stops can be sent filled or unfilled.


Use the drop down bar to select filled or unfilled.

Fabric Door Stop Stopper - Grey Script

PriceFrom £14.99
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