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Give your beanbag a new lease of life by choosing a bean bag top up. Each top up contains only the finest virgin polystyrene beads, tiny bean bag beads to make your seat more comfortable. It is a good idea to top up your bean chair if your bean bag chair has flattened after daily use. When you receive your bean bag filling through the post, please be careful to open the package with care without damaging the inner bag inside.

Bean Bag Filling - Comfy Creations

Bean Bag Filling - Refills


Top quality bean bag filling, Buy a bean bag Top Up to keep your children’s beanbag full and looking like new, we have a handy top-up guide to show how easy it is to refill your bean bag in less than 60 seconds. (Some preparation time required)


All bean bag top ups are fire retardant beads; Fill up your bean bag with one of our top ups to give a more supportive seat, The bean bag filling adjusts to movement, so your kids can get in the best seating position possible, with only the finest virgin polystyrene beads used, A bean bag top up could extend the life of your bean bag,


To ensure the minimal amount of waste and reduce the hazards caused by beans being blown around your home, we suggest filling your bean bag indoors in an area free of any wind or breeze. Cut off a small corner of the filing bag (approximately 100mm), so the flow of the beans being transferred is not excessive. It is far easier with two people present, one to hold the bean bag liner chute open and the other person can then easily pour the beans from the plastic bag.


If you are emptying or filling for washing, you may want to create a funnel by rolling up a piece of card or by cutting off the top and base of a plastic bottle. This will fit in the chute and acts as a filling tube, minimizing the loss of beans, make sure whatever you use is the same diameter as the spout of the bean bag liner chute.


Rather than over filling your bean bag, test it with small amounts of filling while you are filling it. This is much easier than having to empty the beans bag back into the plastic bag!  BEAN BAGS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE FILLED TO CAPACITY - This places unnecessary pressure on the zipper & stitching.


For more information on emptying and filling your bean bag, See our Bean Bag Filling Guide

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