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How to Empty and Refill Your Bean Bag 

Here are some tips for emptying and re-filling your beanbag. If you don’t find the information you're looking for please send us your questions, you can do this via the contact us page. Or by sending an email to

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Filling a beanbag can be fun and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you follow these simple steps.

Always have two people to fill a bean bag, as filling on your own is quite difficult. Make sure you do this indoors in an area that is free from any wind or breeze.  


Turn off anything that will create air movement i.e. fans or air-conditioners, as the lightweight beads will blow everywhere with the slightest breeze.  Keep children, pets and babies locked out of the room you are using, as the lightweight beads can cause suffocation if ingested by a child or pet.


Prepare your work space

Make sure the area where you are going to empty or fill your product is clean.

Use a floor surface that is covered with tiles, lino or wood laminate so if you do spill any of the beans, it is easy to clean up the mess. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor first, so it is free from dirt, dust or lint.


There are a few ways you can empty and fill a beanbag.


Things you'll need to empty and refill your beanbag.

To empty and fill your beanbag you’ll need a large plastic bag, Big enough to fit all the beans. (ideally twice the size of the beanbag)

A tube approximately 8 to 10" long and 3" to 4" in diameter (a strong plastic empty drinks bottle with both ends cut off will do) Or if just topping up a piece of card to make a funnel, Cello Tape

When filling the beanbag make sure what you use, the diameter on one end it will fit in to the filling chute,


Making a Tube

A Tube, approximately 8 to 10"long and 3" in diameter (IE: new/clean drain pipe cut to size if available or a strong plastic empty drinks bottle with both ends cut off.) After cutting the bottle you find that the ends are sharp, you can cover with tape 2 or 3 times.


Filling and emptying the Bean Bag with a Tube

Tape a plastic bag one Big enough to fit all the beads in (ideally twice the size of the beanbag) to one end of the Tube or Bottle, pull out the inner zipper chute from the beanbag, place the other end of the Tube/bottle into the chute, do up the zipper tightly to the Tube/Bottle this will minimise the escape of the beads, while holding the zip/funnel around the tube/bottle you can now slowly empty the beads out from the bean bag or in to the beanbag if refilling. 


Making a funnel for filling (ideal for topping up your beanbag)

A funnel can be made by rolling up a piece of card from its corners and cutting off the top. Insert the funnel into the chute and tighten the zipper around the funnel, this will minimising the loss of beans from the beanbag you are attempting to fill.


Filling the Bean Bag with a Funnel

Whilst one person is holding the funnel, the other person can hold the bag of beans. Now, gradually pour the beans into the funnel. You will be able to judge how quickly to pour the beans, ensure that the beans are all going in to the bean bag and not on the floor! Once you have filled the beanbag with the required amount of filling, remove the funnel and do up the zipper.


Do not over fill your bean bag. Overfilling makes the bean bag less comfortable and places undue stress on the stitching and zipper.  Remember, this little bean bag will be holding around 15-35 kilograms of weight when a child sits on it, that places enormous pressure on the seams. Try to fill the bean bag to around 85% of its capacity.  It is easier to add filling than it is to remove it.


Cleaning Up

To clean up any spilled beans, simply use a vacuum cleaner.  A bag-less vacuum cleaner like a Dyson will allow you to re-use any beans that were spilled on the floor.  Make sure you get all loose beans up from your floor surface as they can be dangerous to humans and pets if swallowed.


Filling your new bean bag does not have to be time-consuming or messy.  If you follow the above steps it will take just a few minutes and there should be little to no mess.


Please dispose of the plastic bags that your products and re-fills came in thoughtfully. We suggest placing them all in one bag and putting them in your recycle bin.  Remember these bags can be dangerous if children get their hands on them, so dispose of them immediately after use.

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