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About Cookies



Cookies are small information files which are stored on your computer or handheld device when you visit this website. Cookies cannot harm your computer and personal information is not collected.


When you “share” or “like” our website on social networking sites they may collect,store or use cookies. We don’t control the cookies set by third party websites, so please look at their own cookie policy for this information.

You can check which cookies are used on these website by using Chrome's built-in cookie view. Just click Secure next to the URL bar and then click cookies.

Cookies are used to remember you when you access our website and recognise when you place products into the shopping cart. Google Analytics collect information about customers’ and use it to navigation through our website. We use this information to provide customers with a better shopping experience. Enabling cookies for browsing this website can make your shopping experience better. However you can change the settings on your browser to prevent cookies being stored on your computer. To disable browsers from your computer you can check the Setting menu of your browser. You can still browse our website if you don’t have cookies enabled.


This information is being provided to you in accordance with recent legislation.

Cookies do not collect any sensitive data on individual customers.


For more information on cookies please see 


Or if you would like information on other types of cookies you could always Ask the Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch. yum, yum, yum

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