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Questions and Answers 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our products, services, and payments

The answer to your query may be found within this section, please have a look before contacting us.

You can also visit our Help centre by clicking the button below and typing in you questions to find any related answers.

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01. I made a mistake on my order or I’d like to cancel my order


Orders are made and dispatch within 5 working days. If you have made a mistake on your order or wish to amend or cancel, you must email our customer service team straightaway, as long as your order has not been dispatched we can help, orders cannot be cancelled or changed once items have left our premises. We do except returns, see our returns page 

02. What payment method can I use to pay for my purchases?

Payments are processed via PAYPAL

PayPal accepts the following cards:

Visa / Delta / Electron

MasterCard / Eurocard


American Express.

Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

03. What should I do if my payment was refused when placing an order?


If your payment was refused while placing an order, please re-submit your order using a different card or check your PAYPAL account for errors. (i.e card details up to date)


For details on why your card was refused, please contact your card issuer.

For details on why your PAYPAL payment was not processed, please contact PAYPAL.


04. Do you have any Discount Codes or Offers


YES, occasional promotional offers, Check out our Facebook page to see our latest Deals, Discount code’s are for a limited time only.


05. I have a discount code, how do I use it?

If you have a code, simply click “Enter a Promo Code” at checkout and click apply to update it to your order. If you do not click apply at this point, it will not be added to the order and you/we will not be able to apply it later on (although you may be able to use it for any subsequent order). To get discount codes & news of our latest offers, just follow us on our facebook page.


06. Why am I Having Problems at the Checkout?


Our website uses the latest technology and may be viewed in most up to date browsers.  If you are experiencing issues when using the secure checkout, it may be because your browser is not up to date.  For the best experience when using our website, please ensure your browser is up to date with the latest version. If you still experience issues, please feel free to contact our customer support please let us know if you experience any issues!

07. How do I know if you have received my order?


You will be taken to an Order Confirmation screen which shows details of what you’ve ordered your billing and delivery address, and will provide you with an order confirmation number. This information will also be emailed to you using the email address you provided in the order process.


08. What if I haven’t received an email order confirmation?


All ISP (Internet Service Providers) have spam filters and may occasionally put our emails into your spam folder, If you seem to be missing our emails, or haven't got an email from us, Please check the Spam folder first.   If you still haven’t received it, please email our Customer Services team from the email account you used when placing the order and we will check and confirm your order. Include name, address and order number if available. 

See our safe sender list  


09. Can I track my order online?


Yes you can check your order online, your order will be shipped via Hermes Tracked or Parcel Force 48h once it’s been dispatched you will receive a email with the Tracking Number and details of the carrier. You can then track your parcel via the carrier’s website using there online Tracking Service or the carrier’s customer service team.


You will need your tracking number, which can be located in the Email sent to you once your order has been dispatched.


10. Do you have a catalogue I can buy from?


No - all of the products that i can make can be viewed online and i try to keep this as up to date as possible. the website is an online catalogue!


11. Do you offer International Shipping, how much does it cost and how long will it take?


Yes, Some International Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Please email for other destinations, International deliveries takes 10-15 days. Please also see our shipping (costs and Destinations) page




12. Can you give me more information on your products?

We try to provide most of the information about our items on our website under Product Description, including material, colour and size measurements. However, if you require further information or would like to ask a question on buying a bean bag, Please send us an email:

13. What size bean bag do I order?

The size of your bean bag totally depends on who you are buying it for the age and size of the child! Generally bigger the better, but it all depends on the user, space and budget. Kid’s bean bags are ideal for Playrooms, TV room and bedrooms, if you need some advice email our Customer Services team. see below for available bean bag size’s.


14. What are the dimensions and sizes of your Beanbags-Beanbag Chair-Beanbag Sofa?


The sizes of the Beanbags are:

Beanbags are available in two sizes

Toddler: Height 60cm Width 40cm Depth 40cm

Children: Height 70cm Width 50cm Depth 50cm


Bean Bag Chair’s are available in three sizes

Height 50cm Width 50cm Depth 50cm Suitable For Children Up To Age 4

Height 55cm Width 55cm Depth 55cm Suitable For Children Up To Age 6

Height 55cm Width 60cm Depth 60cm Suitable For Children Up To Age 8


Beanbag Sofa is available in two sizes

Height 50cm Width 85cm Depth 50cm

Height 55cm Width 100cm Depth 55cm


All sizes are approximate and the ages given are only a suggestion as all kids grow at different pace.


15. Some of the beans in my beanbag have gone flat. Can I buy a top up of beans?


Depends on use, beans may squash down over time. Due to the nature of the product there may come a time after 6-12 months where a top up maybe required. You can buy a top up of beans for your bean bag from the Accessories menu above. 

WARNING: Small Lightweight poly Beads Present a Severe Danger to Children if Swallowed or Inhaled.

16. How do I clean up a Spill?


So you took every precaution known to mankind when filling your new bean bag. But sadly, your living room now resembles a snow storm! Don’t worry; there is an easy way to scoop up the spilled bean bag filling from your living room floor!


The lightweight polyester beans that look like snowflakes are susceptible to wind and static electricity. When you spill them they can fly around your room like the wind! Using a broom or dust pan and brush only creates wind and causes the beans to fly further.


The answer to this dilemma is a vacuum cleaner! Make sure you empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner waste bag first, so you can re-use your beans! Hold the nozzle a few centimetres away from the floor or surface so that you don’t suck up dirt as well.


Always start with a clean surface before filling your bean bag. A Dyson vacuum cleaner or any other bag-less variety is the best choice!

17. How do i empty and re-fill my beanbag for washing


For information on Emptying and Filling your bean bag Click Here


  1. Q: What are the dimensions of the Baby Beanbag Harness Chair?

  2. Q: How do I elevate my baby in the Baby beanbag during and after feeding?

  3. Q: How does a Baby Beanbag help prevent reflux

  4. Q: How does a Baby Beanbag help prevent Flathead?

  5. Q: What age are the Baby Beanbag and the Baby Beanbag chair with harness suitable for.?

  6. Q: When should I stop using the Harness or change to a Regular Beanbag or Bean Chair?

01. Q: What are the dimensions of the Baby Beanbag Harness Chair?

 A: The sizes of the Beanbags are shown in each item

​02. Q: How do I elevate my baby in the Baby beanbag during and after feeding?

A: By pushing the bean filling to the back of the Baby Beanbag before sitting your child they will be seated in a more             elevated position suitable for feeding and post-feeding.

​03. Q: How does a Baby Beanbag help prevent re-flux?

A: Appropriate elevation of your baby during and post feeding may assist in reducing reflux and Baby Beanbags allow you to increase the elevation of your child by moving the filling to the back of the beanbag during and after feeding.

​04. Q: How does a Baby Beanbag help prevent Flathead?

A: Because the filling of the Baby Beanbag moulds round your baby’s head offering even support it doesn’t place pressure on a single area of their head unlike flatter firmer surfaces, which may cause flattening.

​05. Q: What age are the Baby Beanbag and the Baby Beanbag chair with harness suitable for.?

A: The Baby Beanbags are designed from New Born to (see Answer to the Question 12 below)

The Baby Beanbag Chair with Harness are suitable from birth up to (see Answer to the Question 12 below)

​06. Q: When should I stop using the Harness or change to a Regular Beanbag or Bean Chair


A: This should be based on your judgement as to when your child has reached a size and activity level whereby it is no

longer appropriate to secure them with a harness.

19. Can I collect my order from you or visit to view a product? 

A: Unfortunately I am not a bricks & mortar 9-5pm business. I do not have standard opening hours or days, it is literally a case of making your order, processing delivery and finishing, it would not be feasible for collections. For local customers within the Southampton area I can apply special shipping discounts.

20. Do you make Adult sized bean bags

YES I can make any bean bag designs in any size, On selected Designs the adult options are ready available, email if you would like any of our bean bags made smaller or bigger. or to make you any Shape or Design

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